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Clare Bronfman

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Clare Bronfman grew up with her mother and sister in England; her education consisted of the best the British school system had to offer. From a very young age, she excelled at competitive sports, her participation reflecting a blossoming desire to advance human potential and build interdependent teams. Clare's childhood was enriched by her exposure to various aspects of humanity provided by her mother, who lived part-time in Kenya, and by her father, who traveled extensively. These experiences kindled her already-questioning nature; however the human diversity she observed raised an even deeper question that would remain with her: What does it mean to be human?

Clare sought excellence in human performance, and developed a love of building relationships, as she tenaciously pursued a career as an equestrian show jumper. In less than four years, she earned tremendous respect in her sport, representing the United States in competitions and championships around the world. Her many achievements include winning the Grand Prix of Tokyo, Eindhoven and Rome. In 2003, Clare discovered and began to work with Rational Inquiry® - a new tool for developing human potential created by Keith Raniere. At the end of an intense, two-year work period spanning 2003-2004, Clare was ranked 12th in the country and 80th in the world.

In 2004, Clare retired from equestrianism, wishing to focus her energy full-time to effecting meaningful change by means of studying and applying Rational Inquiry®. Since making this life-changing decision, Clare has turned her efforts towards the art of business. She has involved herself in many different businesses under the mentorship of Keith Raniere, businesses including video production, athletic training, real-estate development, and event production. She is also involved in several foundations through which Clare seeks to uphold and evolve the more noble qualities of humanity.