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Sara Bronfman

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Personal & Professional Coach

Ms. Bronfman began her career in business in her late teens and early twenties by owning and operating small businesses as a hobby to complement her studies. These early business endeavors shaped her passion for personal growth and creativity and fostered within her the value of entrepreneurship.

In September 2002, after completing a certificate program in International Affairs at NYU, SCPS, Ms. Bronfman attended a seminar with Executive Success Programs(ESP) in pursuit of practical tools to help her further herself and her ambitions. Soon after, upon recognizing the value of these tools and their possibility for increasing her potential, Ms. Bronfman began a career with ESP. She founded the company's VIP Programs, which provide distinguished individuals with special training and coaching. These programs facilitated by the company's President Nancy Salzman, were responsible for launching ESP into the British and Irish markets in 2005.

Over the past four years she has worked her way onto ESP's Executive Board and earned the roles of Director of Humanities, Regional Vice President, Professional Coach and Head Trainer. In addition to this, Ms. Bronfman continues to build several businesses in the areas of Real Estate, Private Jet Travel and Investing. Ms. Bronfman not only has a passion for growing and developing her own business ideas, but also for working with, mentoring and inspiring others to do the same. She feels her passion for personal and professional coaching serves her in this regard.

With all of her professional growth, Ms. Bronfman is determined to stay true to her philanthropic roots. Inspired by the humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors of her father and late Grandfather, Edgar M. Bronfman, and Samuel Bronfman, Ms. Bronfman has been seeking to pursue the family tradition in ways that will truly benefit humanity. She views her work with ESP as a way of further developing herself personally and professionally, and as a means by which to inspire people and families such as her own to invest both themselves and their resources ethically.